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Adding the TRAMADOL to the Drugs' List by a Ministerial Decree

On 18th February 2012 the Egyptian Health Ministry had issued decree no. 125 of 2012 on adding the TRAMADOL to the drugs' list attached to the Anti-Drug Law No. 182 of 1960. It worth mentioning that such decree constitutes the habitual process adopted by the Egyptian legislator and affirmed by the Egyptian High Constitutional Court for adding many pharmaceuticals to the drugs' mentioned list, though, the rule of no trial nor punishment without law, has been established by the Egyptian consequent constitutions.




Contradiction between Arbitration and the New Egyptian Constitution

Article (68) of 1971's Constitution was providing that every citizen has the right to recourse to the natural judge. Hence, the arbitration was, under such constitution, an acceptable alternative disputes resolution, as the right of recourse to the Egyptian courts might be amended by agreeing on arbitration. However, the new Egyptian Constitution has omitted the foregoing right from the provision of article (73), which is the substitute to article (68) of 1971's


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